Supreme Pool Maintenance

Serving South West Florida

Weekly Pool Service

Net and vacuum pool, brush walls if needed, check water chemistry.

Chemical Service Only

Chemical services can save your tile, plaster, equipment and protect your family’s health.

Repairs and Maintenance

Heaters, filters, pumps, motors, timers.


We offer every type of maintenance for your pool: regular cleaning, equipment repair, filter and equipment maintenance.

Supreme Pool Maintenance offers a wide range of service plans for all budgets and all pool types. Call us today for a free estimate.


So, Why Make Us Your Pool Cleaners?

Supreme Pool Maintenance is a dependable, trustworthy, and centered around family values!

Flexible Cleaning Plans

We have our general pool cleaning plans, however you can call us if you have something that is a bit diffrent.

Always On Time

Whenever we say we’ll come, we will come, we understand how important your time is, as such, we stick to time set.

Your Pool is Our Pool

Every pool we clean it’s like our own, as in we treat it as such, if the service isn’t done right the eye infections etc may result, we do our best to make it truly clean.

Your Satisfaction Garanteed

Being that we treat your pool as our own, we tend to have always have satisfied clients, a great thing indeed as business isn’t business if people aren’t happy

Supreme Pool Maintenance

A Little About Us

We cover the entire SouthWest Florida area, maintaining pools from large to small, and providing services that are the best around. We are a small family owned business and we take great pride in what we do, so rest assured, we’ll do our best to make you happy.

We Clean

We don’t just make it look clean, when we’re done its really clean.

We Maintain

To keep your pool at its best maintenance is key, this we do religously.

We Repair

If somthing goes wrong, we are able to repair it, pump damage, in pool lighting etc.

We Care

We will continue to say it, we care, why? because if your not happy then we have no business.

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